Pogba’s Situation is Embarrassing, Says Ex-Man United Player

In the wake of Paul Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola’s comment that the French midfielder is done with Manchester United, former Manchester United forward Dimitir Berbatov has termed the situation as embarrassing. Just hours before RB Leipzig sent Manchester United to the Europa League, Raiola declared that his client’s future at the club is ‘over’.

Pogba is unsettled at Manchester United

‘Mino Raiola’s comments about Paul Pogba being unhappy were very poorly timed, right before a massive match in the Champions League,’ Berbatov said.

‘That isn’t ideal and I’m sure it would have been felt in the dressing room before the game.

‘I don’t think Pogba would have known what Raiola was about to say, which is embarrassing for the player. At the end of the day the agent is working for the player, so the agent should do what the player tells him, it doesn’t matter who you are – you work for the player.

‘It was the wrong way to do things, it created a big fuss which was totally unnecessary before a match. On the other hand, if Pogba did tell his agent to say those things then it’s obvious that something isn’t quite right.

Pogba returned to his former club, Manchester United from Juventus in 2016, on a five-year contract for a then-record for highest football transfer fee at €105 million (£89.3 million) plus bonuses of €5 million in the much celebrated ‘Pogback’ deal.

Thoughts of a Lunatic: New London Derby, Ole In and Out and other Talking Points

What is the world without football? I wonder how people who don’t like football cope. It has been a week of gbas gbos both on the pitch and off the pitch. I am sure you are enjoying the various drama as I have. There is also a lot to look forward to in midweek football. There may be some premium tears. There is also the little matter of a Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo clash in the Champions League. Some years back, it would have been one to look forward to, but now, it looks more like that Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones choreography dance drama.

New London Derby

Change is the only constant thing in life and variety is the spice of life. Arsenal fans have been used to seeing their team play London derbies against the likes of Chelsea, West Ham, Tottenham etc. in the Premier League. There will be nothing bad if they start playing league Derbies against the likes of QPR, Brentford, Millwall and the likes. Not because these clubs are on the verge of gaining promotion to the Premier League but because Arsenal are closer to going to join them.

Areta his doing his IT at Arsenal

Arsenal’s record this season is there for every Arsene, Pier and Mesut to see. They have lost more than they have won. They have conceded more than they have scored. They have celebrated Ozil Twitter jibed than they have celebrated goals.

In the wake of Jose Mourinho giving Arsenal and Mikel Arteta plaudits after his Tottenham side defeated them, Arsenal fans should be worried. Mourinho does not give you plaudits, except when he doesn’t see you as a rival. Mourinho does not see Arsenal as rivals. New rivals on the horizon for Arsenal while their coach completes his IT.

Ole In and Out

Depending on what RB Leipzig does or doesn’t do against Manchester United this week, Manchester United could join Arsenal on the Thursday train. A qualification that looked all but wrapped after a good start in a group that has PSG could end up with a round-of-32 Thursday night tie in Cyprus or Azerbaijan.

The result will also determine the ole in – ole out music. We are used to hearing Ole in one minute and then Ole out the next. In their last two Premier League matches, it was Ole out at halftime but became Ole in by full-time. It could be ole ole ole… the song of the fans or ole! ole! ole!… the song of the market for a thief.

Pogba is said to be unhappy at Manchester United

Still on Manchester United, it seems Paul Pogba has finished his holiday at the club, according to his agent Mino Raiola. A return that was so celebrated like that of a princely prodigal son is about to end with both parties largely disappointed. Pogback is turning to ‘Pogpark and go’.

Barcelona casted

Barcelona are also going down like Arsenal, they may be missing their local rivals too – Espanyol. Another defeat, against Cadiz this time has taken them down to ninth, 12 points away from the top.

In the days when Messi was Messi, this was the type of match he used to win singlehandedly when his teammates don’t turn up. Now that the real Messi has been replaced with Jubril Messi, Barcelona don cast.

In Andre Ter Stegen, Barcelona may be having their own ‘Kepa’. Donating points to opponents with some comedic goalkeeping.

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I Made A Stupid Mistake – Pogba

Manchester United Salon D’Or midfielder Paul Pogba has admitted to making a stupid mistake that cost his team against Arsenal on Sunday. Speaking after the match, Pogba admitted that he made a stupid mistake, that eventually cost his team all three points against the Gunners.

Pogba did not have one of his best games against the Gunners.

‘When you try to touch the ball before the guy, I felt like I touched him a bit. I knew I was in the box and I knew it would be a mistake.

‘At the end, I shouldn’t give a penalty like that. I should let him take the ball and try to block the cross.

‘Maybe I was bit out of breath because of the running just before and that made me do this stupid mistake. I will learn from that.

‘I am not the best defensively in the box and I have to work on this. I can always improve on that.’ Pogba said.

Pogba commited a foul on Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin in the box and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang converted the second half spot kick for the Gunners as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side struggled despite entering the match on the back of a thrilling 5-0 victory against RB Leipzig in the Champions League in midweek.