Thoughts of a Lunatic: FA Cup Heartbreak, Harry Kane Team and Other Talking Points

The Lunatic don come again. This time, I want to be different. I have been accused of only yabbing and seeing negatives. What else do Lunatics do? Like Jubril, I belong to everyone, I belong to no one. The yabs are straight from the heart. Will be touching on some few talking points as usual. You might pull off your thinking caps and put on your Lunatic cap at this stage.

Seniorman and Ndidi did it

Let me start by celebrating fellow Nigerians Kelechi Seniorman Iheanacho and Wilfred Ndidi on their success in the FA Cup. As a Nigerian I celebrate with them but I hope the Alcoholic Drink club people won’t get angry. Before they put me in the same bracket as Daniel Amartey who tossed their pennant to the floor. On another day, I would have tagged Amartey as dumb but for the sake of the two Nigerians and the sweetness of Leicester’s victory, I will say kudos to Amartey.

Sometimes things like these have to happen to spice up the game. We will do with some bit of drama. As we saw in their subsequent Premier League tie, it may be the beginning of some rivalry and bad blood. The Lunatic is here for the violence.

Iheanacho and Ndidi celebrated cup success

Iheanacho has picked up form and Ndidi has been good since he joined Leicester. The trophy is good reward for their hard work. Kelechi should now think of cutting the soap for the likes of Isaac Success, Alex Iwobi and others.

Bottlelona 2

So is the magnitude of Barcelona’s collapse that it has to have a second part. From being in a position where winning their matches will take them top of the table to picking just two points out of a possible 15. In a title run-in, they lost at home against Granada and Celta Vigo. Who does that? Well, Bottlelona.

They shift attention to begging Messi next

They go into a summer where they start going on their knees to beg Messi to stay, as usual. At this rate, there is no time Nou Camp won’t turn to Redemption Camp, where they will have to gather to intercede on behalf of the club.

Funny enough, they gave Luis Suarez to Atletico Madrid. The rejected stone is on the verge of winning La Liga. He has added bite to the Atletico Madrid attack. Both in the boardroom and other pitch, Barcelona are in the mud. Remember they also sacked a manager that was winning and employed one that is trying to learn how to win

We should have seen the signs when Barcelona were were well beaten by Pirlo’s Juventus, who have literally been Old Ladies this season.

Mane’s Klopp snub

So some days back, images of Sadio Mane refusing a handshake from his manager Jurgen Klopp surfaced after a match. My take on it is, Mane was definitely not angry for starting the match on the bench. I don’t want to believe so. First, the manager can decide to put any player on the bench. Secondly, Mane has been poor enough this season to be left out of the squad some times. His once energetic performances seems to be rescinding like his hairline.

Klopp has tried clearing the air

The only reason I can think of for Mane’s behavior is that, he must have spotted Klopp at some point doing the Joachim Low. In case you don’t know the Joachim Low, the best I can do to help is you is ‘ball-sniffing’.

The Harry Kane team

After years of scoring goals and winning 0 golden and silver trophy, Harry Kane has told Tottenham he wants to leave. The question now is, to where? For a player that signed a six-year deal some years back, he must have believed in the Spurs project. With reports suggesting he wants to stay in England, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City might be the realistic options. Looking at the options, maybe Kane should have just said he wants to join Manchester City. Definitely more money and a better chance to win trophies.

Where does that leave Spurs? When Harry Kane leaves the Harry Kane team.

On that note, I return my golden pen to wherever I took it from. Let me go and continue wandering the streets. Don’t follow me, I am not on social media but you can follow Goaldball @goaldbal on Twitter. Till next time, keep you lunacy intact.

Thoughts of a Lunatic: Musa Still At The Gate, Anfield Poultry and Other Talking Points

The various top European Leagues are gradually reaching the business end. Some titles already won and some relegation cards already signed, ready to be delivered. Some European places dreams are also becoming mirages. In England, Harry and Meghan can not take the shine from VAR.

There is also the matter of national teams gathering at the end of the month for various qualifiers. In Nigeria, Gernot Rohr’s Super Eagles list has come with its usual controversies and talking points.

Anfield Poultry

How Liverpool’s home ground – Anfield went from being a fortress to a forest has to be studied in the university. After going for three years without a defeat at home, a record 64 matches. They have started another record with six straight defeats and still counting at home afterwards. In that time, they have scored just one goal at Anfield, albeit from the penalty spot. Anfield has gone from a Lion’s den to becoming a poultry where teams just go to slaughter chickens for dinner. Rather than opponents failing to come out alive, they come out alive with goodies. Sadio Mane and Mohammed Salah have gone from destroyers to destroyed. Thiago Alcantara was supposed to improve the team in midfield but the only positive stats he has are his number of thumbs up. In his short time in England, he has given more thumbs up than any player in the Premier League history, something in the region of hundred thousand or thereabout. Liverpool are blessed with the presence of ‘thumbs-up Xavi’. More bookings than goals and assists.

Thumbs up Xavi

Jurgen Klopp should find a solution as Liverpool have gone from title contenders to European places contenders, before they slip into relegation contenders.

After all said, Klopp and his Liverpool team have delivered the once elusive Premier League title, the first in 30 years. Maybe Liverpudians will have to wait another thirty years for another triumph.

Musa still at gate

Wetin Musa no dey see for gate? Ahmed Musa has been in the Super Eagles for so long that he has seen it all. But even Musa has hardly seen a clubless player invited to the Super Eagles. The last time Musa kicked a ball in anger was in October 2020 but he still gets an invitation to the Super Eagles, ahead of active players.

Rohr could as well invite the likes of Daniel Amokachi, Kanu Nwankwo and the others since it is for experience, as some have posited. What if Musa is injured? He will still be in the team on crutches, since Musa must be at the gate to see it all.

Musa is at the gate.

Musa must be at the gate to also make sure COVID-19 protocols will be observed when the Super Eagles play in Lagos. There is a lot Musa does in the team than can be explained.

In a team, just as you have playing footballers, you also have non-playing footballers. People should understand these things.

Ole Stealing The Show and The Points

Manchester United dilemma continues. They don’t look like they will really challenge for the title anytime soon but there is a new knack for stealing the show.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in charge, the Red Devils have produced some very impressive results that ends up leading nowhere. Solskjaer has a good record against Pep Guardiola and he continued that at the weekend. Manchester City were on a winning run of 20 matches but Ole struck again. Dem no reach 21. That is an achievement.

Well, it is part of keeping the tradition of the Red Devils as ‘kill-joys’. Arsenal were on a 49-match unbeaten run back in 2005, Manchester United stopped them from reaching 50 by returning them to factory settings. Even if Ole has not delivered titles, he is bringing back the tradition.

It seems Manchester United fans must get used to celebrating these wins as they seems like the one thing Ole will always deliver.

Ronaldo in Black and White

Cristiano Ronaldo’s time in Juventus so far has been black and white. Of what use is Ronaldo at Juventus if they won’t win the Champions League?

Ronaldo is still delivering the goals and has an impressive goals record in Turin but Juventus have failed to make it beyond the Quarter-finals of the Champions League since he joined. Of what use are the goals? They are on the verge of losing the league title, which was like their birth right.

Ronaldo in black and white

It is looking like, when he is done in Juventus, he will have an impressive goals record to show but little in terms of silverware, meaning Juventus will have nothing to show for signing Ronaldo. While you can not blame Ronaldo, the recent defeat against Porto was the type he used to ‘single-handedly’ decide. Anyways, he is in good company with the likes of Gianluggi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini in a group of pensioners enjoying their benefits.

Thoughts of a Lunatic: China Product, Ole’s Zero-Class and Other Talking Points

Been long you read from this table. My pen ran out of ink and I had to queue at the ‘filling station’ to refill it. What are my even saying? Am I making any sense? Anyway, that is why I am the Lunatic. On these edition, I will make a quick trip to China, though that won’t be a small journey. Also some matters around England, Nigeria and the likes.

China Product

As we know, Chinese products no dey last. Or better still, as we assume, Chinese products no dey last. However, Chinese products can be very shiny, aesthetically perfect and loud. You remember those Chinese phones that year? They can be very loud.

At a point, the Chinese Football League became a thing. Players were turning down the prestige and money of clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the likes in favor of playing in China. Compared to the Chinese league, their money was tithe. You can’t blame the players sha – the money plenty, e be like blood money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, I wish I could be signed to play for just one week instead of writing this nonsense.

Apparently, COVID 19 happened amidst other things and it means the reigning champions has to fold up. Jiangsu Suning dey fold up, as in, dem close shop. Where does that happen? Well, only in China.

At a point, players were earning lots of money in China. Even the likes of Obafemi Martins, Odion Ighalo, Mikel Obi and others chop for there. But it seems, Chinese football money is drying up.

Obafemi Martins in the CSL

Ole’s Zero-Class

At a point, Manchester United were trashed 6-1 by Tottenham, since then they have taken the matter personal against the big sides. They won’t score, they won’t concede.

Manchester United against topsides is now a default goalless affair, they have done it against Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and now Chelsea. Once upon a time, performances and results like this used to be termed as Mourinho masterclass. What do we call this now? Ole’s zero-class?


Ole knows something about playing goalless

Harvester’s League

It is common for lovers of English football to term the French League as the farmer’s league and other leagues as less competitive. Looking at how teams breeze to the Premier League title these days, the Premier League should be termed the Harvester’s League – where teams harvest points anyhow.

Liverpool breezed to the title last season

Last season, Liverpool were beating everybody like they were mistakenly put in an under-15 boys league. At a point this season, it seemed there was going to be a title race. Even Manchester United celebrated a rare feat of occupying the top of the table but that lasted just as long as the vanishing spray. Manchester City have taken over and they are beating everybody like drum. Manchester United comes next, you know what to expect – Ole Zero-class.

Football money

As mentioned earlier, some Nigerians made blood money in China. So, there was a recent conversation on social media where there was the debate – who is richer, the footballer or the entertainer? My reply to that is, when you look at it critically from the angle of the economic effects and values to the GDP in relation to the per head capital, I really don ‘t have anything to say. It is not my f*cking business. Some people will be balling spending money, I will be analyzing it, nonsense! Someone should come and pay me blood money for writing this nonsense, I can have an opinion then.

Anyway, it is not that I am angry now, I just have to stop writing here. Let me go and face my other hustles so I can make money. Don’t follow the Lunatic anywhere on social media, follow Goaldball, @goaldball on facebook and Instagram, @goaldbal on Twitter.

Father Christmas In The Premier League

It is Christmas, the season of good cheer and good tidings. Season to give and receive, depending on the side you belong to.

The season is synonymous with Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas. As a folkloric tradition goes, Father Christmas is the bringer of gifts during Christmas. …he knows if you have been good or bad so be good for goodness sake.

If Father Christmas visited the Premier League, what will the various Premier League characters be wanting or deserving?

As far as being good goes, Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool team deserves lots of good gifts for winning the Premier League. When Pep Guardiola took over Manchester City, coupled with the way Manchester City bought every footballer that looked like a star, we thought City will continue to win the league till Guardiola gets tired and leaves for another money bag. Thanks to Klopp for bringing competition to the league. However, Mo Salah will still love to have a captain’s armband from Santa. When the Liverpool captain wears his armband, Salah also wears his. There can be two captains on a ship. Klopp will also like to give gifts to VAR officials, you know, so they can be nicer to him.

For all of Guardiola’s exploits, he has never won the Champions League without Lionel Messi. To seal his reputation at City, he needs the cup with the big ears. Santa should wrap Messi up and send to Pep.

Santa should send red Christmas cards to Arsenal players, since they have developed a love for red cards. They have also become a good donor of three points, they deserve gifts for their benevolence. Arsenal as a club have also been very nice. Which other club pays a player 350,000 pounds per week for doing nothing but run commentary and engage fans on twitter? Which other club also appoints a manager even when he is yet to do his freedom? Arsenal deserve gifts, preferably one that will serve them well in the Championship. Santa should send a baseball cap to Mikel Arteta, and Arsenal have their Spanish Tony Pulis.

On behalf of Nigerians, Santa should give Manchester United bowls of jollof rice. Thanks to them, Odion Ighalo was able to fulfil his childhood dreams of playing for Manchester United. Even if he has become a non-playing staff in the past few months. We even heard he helps to arrange cones during training sessions. All na favour over labour. We heard Ahmed Musa is a Manchester United fan too. Ed Woodward should do the necessary. Musa is presently clubless, else he does an odemwingie and show up at Carrington.

Budweiser, official beer partner of the Premier League should also consider sending beers to Premier League goalkeepers for every goal they concede. Kepa Aribibizagba will drink to stupor.

Big Sam is on a rescue mission to West Brom. He will need a defensive striker like Kevin Davies, they don’t have such at West Brom presently. A player that can throw the ball from the halfway line to the box is also needed. Santa should wrap such players in a box and send to Allardyce.

A time machine for Chris Wilder. Last season, he was wilding. Sheffield United were talked about as European places contenders. This season they are bottom of the league. Just two points from fourteen matches. Defeats are landing on them like punches on Deontay Wilder. All Wilder will need is a time machine that will help him live last season again.

Chelsea may have forgotten to buy Kai Havertz’s manual when they bought him from Bayer Leverkusen. So that the £71m pounds will not waste, Santa should send his manual to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea clamour for rice like they are Nigerians. As rice is expensive in Nigeria, so is rice expensive in London – Declan Rice. Santa should send Rice to Chelsea – whether local or imported.

Ole is always at the wheels. Sometimes, he is fast and steady. Some other times, he is slow and rough. We doubt he has a driver’s license, hence his inconsistency at the wheels. Santa should send a driver’s license to Ole so he can drive Manchester United safely, to Europa League glory.

Merry Christmas to you from Goaldball. Thank you for being on the journey with us. Let us do next year bigger and better.

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Champions League Draws: Who Are The Favorites For The Quarterfinals? 1

The Champions League round of 16 draws have been made, the teams now know their next opponents in their quest to win the trophy with the big ears. The likes of Manchester United also await their next opponents, in the quest to win the trophy with no ears. The matches will be played next year February and a lot will still happen between now and then. Forms will change, for good or for bad, teams will get depleted and teams will add more quality. Regardless, with what we know of the teams so far, let’s do a quick preview and predict the quarter-finalists.

Moechengladbach vs Man. City

Manchester City wouldn’t have prayed for a better draw. Not that Gladbach are not a good side, but they are not on the same level as City.

Gladbach ruffled feathers in a group that had Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Shaktar Donetsk. Trashing Shakhtar home and away was their highlight.

City has an easy ride to the round 16. They won five and drew just one of their group matches. In time past City have been knocked out by ‘inferior’ opponents, they have also not been convincing in the domestic league this season.

Players to watch: Marcus Thuram (Gladbach), Alassane Plea (Gladbach), Kevin De Bruyne (Man City), Raheem Sterling (Man City)

Prediction: Manchester City to qualify.

Lazio vs Bayern

The draws Lazio must have prayed against, they come up against the defending champions.

It was quite straight forward for Lazio in a group that had Borussia Dortmund, Zenit and Club Brugge. They won two and drew four to stay unbeaten, though they finished second to Dortmund.

Bayern are defending champions

Bayern had it easy in their group, dropping points just once, away at Atletico Madrid. They did the double against Salzburg and Lokomotiv Moscow. The tournament is just about to start for Lazio and they will do well to avoid a hammering.

Players to watch: Ciro Immobile (Lazio), Luis Alberto (Lazio), Robert Lewandowski (Bayern), Serge Gnabry (Bayern)

Prediction: Bayern to go through.

Atletico vs Chelsea

One of the most balanced ties of the round. Chelsea made light work of a group that had Sevilla, Krasnodar and Rennes. Winning four and drawing two of their matches, including a resounding 4-0 win away at Sevilla, Atletico’s fellow La Liga team.

Atletico were always going to be second in a group that had Bayern, leaving it late till their last group game away at Salzburg to confirm qualification.
Chelsea and Atletico Madrid had a memorable semi-final clash in 2014, with Atletico winning 3-1 on aggregate.

This term Atletico look good in La Liga, top of the standings. Chelsea also look good in the league, establishing themselves as title contenders. Expect a tactical battle between Frank Lampard and Diego Simeone, it is the type of tie that is likely to be won from the bench, Simeone should have the upper hand in that regard.

Players to watch: Joao Felix (Atletico), Luis Suarez (Atletico), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea)

Prediction: Atletico Madrid to scale through narrowly.

Leipzig vs Liverpool

Fresh from knocking out one English side, Leipzig face another in the Round of 16. Leipzig recovered from a 5-0 thumping against Man. United to finish second behind PSG in a tough group. They will hope to build on their semi-final finish last season. However, they did not come up against a team like Liverpool enroute the semi-final the last time out.

Liverpool won in 2019

Liverpool won the UCL two seasons back and boast of a formidable team. Bar a home defeat against Atalanta, Liverpool found their group easy, finishing first with four wins. Manager Jurgen Klopp will hope most of his injured players are back and firing by February.

It will be a tactical battle against two German managers, Klopp against the young Julian Nagelsmann

Players to Watch: Emile Forsberg (Leipzig), Dayot Upamecano (Leipzig), Mo Salah (Liverpool), Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Prediction: Liverpool to go through

Boald Codes: Betting Tips For The Weekend

League football is back after a week of international break. Experienced punters will know a weekend like this is not the best time to stake your house rent, except you want to make the END SARS protest grounds your permanent home. Even we are scared, hence no wheel of codes this weekend. Nevertheless, we will be making some projections for this weekend.

Lots of interesting matches to look forward to – not least the Merseyside and ilan derbies.

The Merseyside derby is on the front burner

The Bankers

In the Premier League Sheffield United and Fulham have struggled so far. Sheffield host Fulham in what looks like a must win for both sides. An over 1.5 comes at around 1.30 across platforms. Both sides will look to score goals, thereby opening up the game.

Go for goals as well in Leeds United vs Wolves. Leeds won’t and have no reason to hold back, Wolves will want to go for it. Thereby opening up the game. An over 1.5 should be a safe option.

In the Serie A, Napoli vs Atalanta should be a sure goals game. Both to score or over 2.5 should come through.

Juventus to win away at newly promoted Crotone, who are bottom of the table, come at good odds. Cristiano Ronaldo is unavailable but Juve should do enough to pick a win.

In the Bundesliga, Hoffenheimvs Borussia Dortmund should give us goals. Both to score or over 2.5 should suffice.

Generally, it is a weekend were goals is a safe bet.

Banana pills

Manchester City have a good record against Arsenal in recent seasons but this could be different. City have not had a good start and are expected to be without Kevin De Bruyne. Mikel Arteta penchant to set Arsenal up defensively against top sides also means a goals bet may not be safe.

Bayern Munich should win away at newly promoted Arminia Bielefeld, but it is a game you might want to avoid or go for a goals bet. Arminia have a good home record and international football exertions might take its toll on Bayern.

In the same vein, Real Madrid hosting newly promoted Cadiz could be a tricky game. Cadiz have made a decent start and could get something at Madrid.

Boald Call

This is for the bravest and the boldest. Newcastle home win against Manchester United is worth the risk. It comes at around 4.5 odds. If you want to be cautious, a Newcastle double chance comes at around 1.9. Manchester United looks suspect and Newcastle have the players that can trouble them.

Remember, terms and conditions apply. If you win, don’t forget to pay your tithe so that your ministry and ours can boom.

Yemi Adesanya and Amos Joseph joins us on Pundit Roundtable to preview the Premier League 2020/21 season

Even as stands remain empty, football fans around the world still have a lot to look forward to in the Premier League this season.

From the return of Leeds after a long hiatus to Liverpool’s attempt to defend their title. Tomiwa Ojo (@10qmedia) is joined by top football pundits Yemi Adesanya (@yemitm442) and Amos Joseph (@communeamos) to preview the 2020/21 Premier League season.

GB:What tactical trend(s) do you think will take prominence this season?

Yemi: I doubt we will see anything uniquely different this season by way of tactical trends. I am however quite excited to see how Leeds shape up and set up in the Premier League.

Amos: I expect most of the managers to deploy a 4-3-3 formation.

Tomiwa: I don’t really expect anything new but I expect most of the coaches to lay more emphasis on building from the back, especially the brave ones. To deal with the top teams that press high up the pitch. We have seen Arteta show us glimpses of that.

Arteta is showing building from the back could be a thing.

GB: Which battles/matches are you mostly looking forward?

Yemi: As a Manchester United Fan, the first game I look out for is the fixture against Liverpool; then maybe United v City and Arsenal; but outside the team I support. I would be watching Leeds games for obvious reasons.

Amos: Manchester City vs Chelsea will be great to look out for.

Tomiwa: Marcelo Bielsa’s will be great to see, especially against the top sides, just as we have seen against Liverpool in their first match. Liverpool vs Manchester City both legs will also be interesting to see as I expect the title to be between the two.

Bielsa in the Premier League is an interesting proposition.

GB: Possible breakout star(s) to keep an eye on.

Yemi: There’s a young man who just signed for Fulham; Alphonsus Areola from PSG; really good Goalie, but largely unlucky with the clubs he has been at bar his time at Villareal. I would be keeping an eye on Olley Watkins at Aston Villa and Feran Torres at Manchester City. Also look out for a few youngsters at Liverpool, Curtis Jones, Rhian Brewster and Neco Williams.

Amos: Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic.

Tomiwa: Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood is one to look out for, maybe he already broke out last season, this should be the season for his emergence.

Manchester City’s Phil Foden, Leeds Kalvin Phillip, Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah are also some to keep an eye on. Also 18-year-old Wolves record signing – Fabio Silva.

GB: Predict the top four in descending order

Yemi: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Amos: Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Tomiwa: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

GB: Which three are you tipping to go down?

Yemi: Fulham, West Brom, West Ham /Brighton.

Amos: Fulham, West Brom, Newcastle.

Tomiwa: West Brom, Brighton and Burnley.

West Brom are common candidates to go down.

By May 2021, we will know how well our pundits will do as Prophets.

Read also: The good, the bad and the worgly of Premier League jerseys.

The good, the bad, the ‘worgly’: Assessing Premier League Jerseys

The jerseys and their unveiling have become an important part of football business. For proper football clubs, the unveiling and income from sales of jerseys have become an important part of their businesses.

It was not usual for clubs to launch new jerseys every season until recently. Fans now look forward to how their jerseys will look like and many also rock the replicas. For some clubs and their fans, the beauty of their jerseys is as good as their season gets. That is the only trophy for them to celebrate. We take a look at some of the Premier League jerseys.

The good

Most of the designers continue to up the game in coming out with eye-popping designs that will force the fans to part with money for replicas.

Arsenal started their partnership with Adidas last season and it has been a good journey with some nice designs. Their three designs this season are nice, especially the third jersey, many Arsenal fans will rock it to parties.

Manchester City’s away jersey designed by Puma is a beauty as well, the blend of shades of blue and the patterns on the shirt was well done.

You have to pity Umbro, they have to do variations of the blue and claret jerseys for West Ham and Burnley every season. They were still able to pull-off a nice design for Burnley’s home kit while their efforts with West Ham is not bad either.

Nike also did a Yeo man job with Brighton’s home and away kits. The home jersey is particularly a beauty. The white collar on the blue shirt was apt, while the tiny white stripes added to the classiness of the jersey.

Liverpool’s journey with Nike has not started on a poor note. There was little chance of creativity with their all red jersey but Nike managed to pull out something nice with a white collar and a tiny blue trim.

The Bad

So, Crystal Palace’s red and blue was not particularly pleasing but it was none of Chelsea’s business. Chelsea then decided to go for a Crystal Palace shirt as their third jersey. It does not look nice neither was it well thought out.

Puma probably expect West Brom to go down immediately or what could have informed their jersey design? There was little or no effort. Just the normal black and white stripes with no ingenuity.

Manchester City’s third jersey looks like those ‘ready-made’ i-pass-my-neighbour cloths we used to wear while growing up or better still a material better suited as a curtain or a bedspread.

The worgly

For non-Nigerian readers, worgly is a fussion of ‘worwor’ and ugly. Worwor describes something that is terribly ugly.

The worgly belongs to Manchester United’s third jersey outright. They should have no competitors. Manchester United should actually sue Adidas, it is that bad. As stated earlier, Puma got tired of West Brom’s black and white stripes so Manchester United took the matter personal. They took the black and white into overdrive, you would have thought Tom Tom bought the club over.

While we agree that breaking fashion rules could be a fashion style but not by wearing stripes on stripes. Maybe a different short could have worked.

No matter how much they try to use the likes of DJ Cuppy and Burna boy to promote it, it remains a worgly jersey even if Buhari wears it.

Or maybe it was just in solidarity with Harry Maguire. Enough said.

Written by: Tomiwa Ojo

@10qmedia on Twitter