Boald Code: Chelsea vs Manchester United and other fixtures

Another weekend, pools of games like sands in Bar Beach. Tempting as they are, there is always need to thread cautiously. It is also a tricky week and there is every need to avoid over-analysis. In our picks this week we will be as direct as possible. We have our bankers, the banana peels andContinue reading “Boald Code: Chelsea vs Manchester United and other fixtures”

Boald Codes: Betting Tips For The Weekend

So, you have started making those plans. How you will hit it big in betting and finally buy that house in Banana Island and buy that dream car. Now, come back from dreamland, na so dream am last year. On that note, Happy New Year – this is the first Boald Codes for the year.Continue reading “Boald Codes: Betting Tips For The Weekend”

Boald Codes: Betting Tips for the Weekend

So you have selected those games. Your bet slip as long as a roll of tissue paper. They will take. You have selected what you believe are the sure games. You have already gone to price a car. You are already planning on how to spoil that babe silly. Dirty December on your mind. Now,Continue reading “Boald Codes: Betting Tips for the Weekend”

BOALD CODES: Betting Tips For the Weekend

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting for punters. The betting companies have been cashing out due to the numerous inconsistent results that the season has produced. Everyday for the bookies, one day for the punter, we go again. We have carefully observed some of the fixtures this weekend and made some choicesContinue reading “BOALD CODES: Betting Tips For the Weekend”

Joseph Bassey, Wale Agbede and Edwin Onyebolise previews La Liga on this edition of Pundits Roundtable

With the top guns Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid yet to play, La Liga can not be said to have really gotten into gear, even though some matches have been played. As the big fishes prepare to get in the action, we are joined by three football pundits that knows La Liga like theContinue reading “Joseph Bassey, Wale Agbede and Edwin Onyebolise previews La Liga on this edition of Pundits Roundtable”

Welcome to Goaldball

Welcome to Goaldball – the hub of football fans. We are committed not to only give you football news but to discuss football in a fun and entertaining way. Make we do am our Naija way nah. All those our popular street lingo will be used here. Football is fun, so it is going toContinue reading “Welcome to Goaldball”