No Need To Panic – Arteta

Arsenal Youth Corper Coach Mikel Arteta has said there is no need to panic as he defended his players effort in their defeat against Burnley. Despite suffering their fourth straight defeat at the Emirates and languishing in fifteenth position on the Premier League table, Arteta chose to remain positive.

‘I wouldn’t say it’s panic,’ he said. ‘I can see in training the way they try and the energy they put in and it was the same tonight.

‘I can see leaders but again we lost the game. We gave the opponent the chance and football is all about winning games.’ Arteta said.

Arteta also said the incident that got midfielder Granit Xhaka sent off was unacceptable.

‘Yes it is unacceptable to do that action but it is because they are so willing to do more, fight more, and on this occasion Granit overstepped the line. We cannot make that mistake because it’s the wrong approach for us.’ Arteta said.

Arsenal’s search for a win continues as Aubameyang scored at the wrong end in the 73rd minute to condemn the Gunners to another defeat, their third in a row.

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