How Manchester United Were Sent To The Europa League in 11 Pictures

Manchester United fans when they qualified for the Champions League

The big boys are back, Champions League will take

When Arsenal fans want to talk to them

We are not mates, go and talk to ya fellow Thursdaylites

When Manchester United won their first two matches in the Champions League

See as Champions League easy for us like picking babe for Allen

When you tell them they may still not qualify for the Round-of-16

Enemy of progress, hater

When they lost against some pensioners in Turkey

What’s happening? Whick kain play be this?

When they got back to winning ways

Shame to bad people

When they lost to PSG and their qualification became dicey

Hope our enemies will not end up mocking us laidis

When they discovered their last group opponents were RB Leipzig

No shaking, people that we trashed 5-0 before

After RB Leipzig scored two in just 13 minutes

Premium dragging loading

Manchester United fans at the end of the match

I’m in sifia pains, hold Ole responsible

Manchester United making their way into the Europa league like

Europa straight

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