How Tottenham Destroyed Arsenal in 10 Pictures

When Mourinho saw Arsenal were Tottenham’s next opponents…

Oh! My favourite meal

How Mourinho prepared for the match

When they had a coach I beat them, talk less of now that a youth corper is in charge

Arsenal fans when they see Harry Kane and Son Heung Min numbers

Massacre loading

Arsenal fans when they heard ‘Partey after partey’ will be playing

Small hope still dey

How Arsenal fans held vigils going into the game

God, let Kane see Holding and see Maldini, put sense inside Willian bushy head...

How Arsenal started the game

We are the Gunners, we mean business, come on

When Tottenham went on the counter

Na premium beating una go chop

What Arsenal offered in the second half

Beautiful nonsense, possession with no substance

Arsenal fans at the end of the match

Which kain life be this, L every week

When an Arsenal fan was woken up at 3:00 am this morning

Have they scored a third goal?

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