THOUGHTS OF A LUNATIC: Pep’s Wait For A Messi-ah, Penalty Donors and Other Talking Points

It is becoming high time the cliché ‘separating the boys from the men’ is abolished. These days, it is difficult to say who are the men, the boys and the granddads. A lot of the boys are doing what the men do. Many of the league tables and top scorers charts are looking confusing. Maybe it is not too late, or maybe some of the boys have become men. Boyz 2 Men should be grandfathers now, that is by the way.

A lot happened in the world of football. There is the matter of A Mad man at CAF, the madness so strong it is called twice – A Mad A Mad. So much money to be spend by the officials in Africa while the football continues to suffer, is that not madness? Away from the tragi-comedy in CAF, the lunatic sinks his teeth into some other matters that happened in World Football.

Baby Pulis?

Arsenal thought they got Baby Pep when they got Mikel Arteta but based on the football they are playing, it is like they got Baby Pulis. Be like Werey dey Disguise by not wearing the Pulis face cap. It was another match without a goal and few shots against Leeds on Sunday, a performance that made it look like all the Arsenal players slept at Airports during the international break. Luckily for them, unknown to many, they signed the goalposts at Elland Road at the summer. The goalposts were their best players, saving them another embarrassing defeat like the one they suffered against Aston Villa. If they had known, they would have invested the money they invested in Pepe to buy more goalposts across the country.

Baby Pulis without the face cap

Aubameyang on the left, Aubameyang through the middle – same results. Since he got the mega deal, he has started drifting towards the Ozil situation, another Arsenal G-boy, getting paid for being on his phone.

Pep’s Wait for a Messi-ah

For the first time ever Jose Mourinho has defeated the manager he has suffered the most defeat against back-to-back. That manager is Pep Guardiola. Guardiola and his Manchester City team are in unfamiliar positions. In the wake of that, that has not stopped Manchester City from giving Guardiola a new contract. At the same time Messi is saying he has seen enough at Barcelona and has been playing like a Jubril Messi.

They need each other

The worst kept secret is that Messi is looking to join Manchester City. Tactical genius no get tactics again, Messi is the next tactics. It is obvious Guardiola needs a messiah at City. As the John and Joseph at Manchester City, he has been laying the ground work for the coming of Messi. For all his exploits, he has never won the Champions League without Messi and does not look like he will still do it City; it could however be possible if Messi joins. It is obvious both need each other, they are in the worst periods of their careers.

Penalty Donors

The rate at which Real Madrid are donating penalties, we should start recognizing them as the universal penalty donors. After giving away a hat-trick of penalties against Valencia, they continued at the weekend with another one against Villareal, which ensured they shared points. Karim Benzema did not play, so we cannot say he knows anything about it.

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