Thoughts of a Lunatic: Good ‘Ebenin’ Arsenal, Pink Boys and Other Football Talking Points

We may have to consult a former Super Eagles defender, now a pastor, to help predict the outcome of some of the football leagues. Apart from the regular PSG in France and Bayern Munich in Germany, the others seems to be unpredictable like PHCN. The problem with the predictions the former defender will give us is that, one of them may be absolutely and ‘trumply’ wrong. At least we will have a bit of direction to how some of the leagues that continually get confusing like some dreadlocks might end.

The END VAR campaign should continue. Especially in the English Premier League were it seems footballers may have to start playing with their hands tied behind them. Meanwhile, there were some other talking points the Lunatic observed last weekend, to be read with a lunatic mind.

Good Ebenin Arsenal

Arsenal had a Spanish manager last season, they have another one now but what is or are really the difference(s) between them?

When Unai Emery first took charge, Arsenal fans praised him for making them more solid defensively. They were also building play from the back and scoring goals, they went on a run of 22-matches unbeaten. Soon as results started going the other way, Arsenal fans realised he couldn’t speak good English, he put too much gel in his hair, wears suit too regularly, blah blah blah.

Aston Villa tore Arsenal to shreds.

Their new Spanish coach in fairness to him, won the FA Cup last season in impressive fashion while also failing woefully in the Premier League. But he is their former captain, he is baby Pep and can speak several languages. He even attempted speaking Yoruba to Bukayo Saka. ‘Saka, duro, malo malo’ Arteta said. Only for the young man to reply ‘I ain’t Nigerian, I am English’. Well moving on, if Arsenal continue to produce the type of performance they gave against Aston Villa, it will soon be Good ‘Ebenin’ and Goodbye all over again at Arsenal.

Another Pinkish Performance

Some people will say, what is in a jersey? I quite agree, there should be no big deal about jerseys, except when it is pink. How do men’s team wear pink and not produced pinkish performances. Real Madrid have not won a game when they wear pink this season. Even Barcelona lost when they wore pink. Real Madrid against Valencia was a comedy by the men in pink. They scored an own goal and gave away three penalties to comfortably lose 4-1.

The boys in pink

Very soon, Benzema will be telling Mendy to man-mark Varane whenever he (Varane) is with the ball in his team’s box.

Nigeria Professional Football League Resumes

Good news. For those that think we don’t have a football league in Nigeria, our league will start on the 6th of December, expectedly and tentatively.

We have a football league, just that it is not professional but regardless, half bread is better than puff puff. Between now and when the league resumes, there will likely still be lots to talk about the league. But for the Lunatic, no league in the world gives more fun than the NPFL. A team can decide to walk away anytime due to perceived poor refereeing as we do while playing sets on the streets. Some of the jerseys and the scheduling could be very funny. However, the lunatic is hoping we will have an exciting season. The likes of Ahmed Musa and John Ogu should be playing in the NPFL instead of becoming official Super Eagles activist on social media due to unemployment.

That’s all on today’s edition of Thoughts of a Lunatic. Don’t follow the lunatic anywhere, follow Goaldball on Twitter @goaldbal and on Facebook and Instagram on @goaldball. Epp us, follow us, tell somebody to tell somebody about us. Na our hustle be this.

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