Manchester United Legend Believes It May Take 20 Years For The Club To Win Another Title

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has said that the club may have to wait 20 years to win the Premier League title again after Liverpool’s recent success. Any Manchester United fan that is expecting a league title soon may have to wait till Mason Greenwood retires.

Giggs claims the Red Devils wait will be determined by how long Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola stays in the Premier League.

When asked by former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher if he was worried his former team would have to wait as long as Liverpool to the claim the title again, Giggs said: ‘Yes, 100 per cent. It could be 15, 20 years before you know it, especially if (Jurgen) Klopp and (Pep) Guardiola stick around.

‘They have got the resources and the players so we have Liverpool to look at where the last time when they won it in 1990 they thought we’ll win it again soon.

‘Even Klopp took four and a half years for him to win it – it takes a long time. You have to think about what Klopp did.

Manchester United have not won the title since legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson guided them to victory in 2013. Giggs lifted the Premier League title a total of 13 times during his trophy laden career at Old Trafford.

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