Thoughts of a Lunatic: Auba Envying Ozil, Barca Plan C and other talking points.

This football season could well be a pandemic season with some pandemic results here and there. After just six matches in the Premier League, all the teams have tasted defeat, with Everton top of the pile. Real Sociedad are top in La Liga, both Real Madrid and Barcelona have produced some pinkish performances.

A team lost to Ajax 13-0 in the Eredivisie, such team does not deserve the honour of having them mentioned here. There were lots of lessons the lunatic took from football actions this weekend, should be read with a lunatic mind.

Auba envying Ozil

Arsenal have a £350,000-a-week star in their team. He is however a non-playing staff. He is part of photoshoots and promotional items but does not play – you all know Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal may soon have two G-Boys in their team.

Recently, while his teammates were playing, he was running commentaries on Twitter, what a way to be useful. It seems Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is envying Ozil. Since he signed a mega deal believed to be worth up to £300,000 a week, he has become a ghost on the football pitch. He has failed to have a shot on target in three of his last four Premier League appearances, any league goal he scored in that period was on Play Station.

Very soon, Arsenal fans will turn to him if things don’t change. The manager will drop him for tactical reasons and he will join Ozil to do Twitter commentaries.

Young Progressive Boring Managers

The new generation of young managers are said to be progressive. They play exciting brands of attacking football, but we didn’t see that when Manchester United played Chelsea last weekend.

The young managers Frank Lampard and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer served us a bore fest.

With a lot of attacking talents at their disposal, the highlight of the match was Harry Maguire practising his wrestling skills on Ceasar Azpilicueta. Which reminds us why we must not keep quiet in our quest to END VAR.

Barca Plan C

While we can not say Messi has downed tools at Barcelona, no goal from open play in five league matches is not Messi.

Barca’s plan A and B is failing

Barcelona’s plan A tactics used to be ‘get the ball to Messi’. Lots of times he bailed them out. Since Barcelona refused to let him go at the summer, the plan A is no longer working. Unfortunately, Messi was also the plan B. Ronald Koeman reportedly told Messi he wasn’t central to his plans, it is high time we start seeing that plan in play. The plan should be plan C. Then plan D and plan E. If those don’t work, it is plan F, which he won’t be able to execute because it will come in form of a sack letter.

Real Madrid have found lots of joy in the El Clasico in recent times and they did it again, the Nou Camp is beginning to feel like Santiago Bernebeau to them.

Where is Pirlo headed?

Juventus straight win used to be a banker on punters tickets. The story is not the same anymore. Another draw against Hellas Verona leaves more questions than answers..

Zinedine Zidane stepped up from failing at Real Madrid B to winning back-to-back Champions League with Real Madrid. Juve have taken Andrea Pirlo from yet to manage a game with the Reserves team to becoming first team manager. Pep Guardiola also went from Barca B team to success with the first team. Juventus will be hoping Pirlo is their own Guardiola or Zidane, but what Zidane and Guardiola have in common, Pirlo does not have. If you don’t understand where I am heading to, leave it.

We will give him time, also considering Ronaldo has been out injured. Managers have been sacked even after winning the league. His resemblance with the pictorial representations of Jesus won’t be enough if results don’t get better. Fans will forget he was once the brilliant midfielder, crucify him, they will say.

That’s all on this edition of Thoughts of a Lunatic. Till next time, no dey disguise, Soro Soke like a lunatic.

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