Thoughts of a Lunatic: END VAR, Pink Boys, Chelsea Premium 33 and other talking points.

The lunatic could not wait for league matches to return after the international break, and it was really worth it. Derby drama, goals, VAR controversies, were able to drag attention with END SARS agitation in Nigeria. Maybe it is high time we start an END VAR campaign as well. Lots to get into in this edition of Thoughts of a Lunatic.

Apologies to END SARS agitators, the lunatic will have to borrow your slogan. It is high time FIFA ends VAR and let us return to dealing with referee mistakes alone. After Jordan Pickford’s attempt to assassinate Virgil Van Dijk went unpunished, it seems anything can happen even with VAR.

And what is it with drawing offside margins like Technical Drawing? The oversabi is not necesstri. It is not that serious. How can a player be offside by the tip of his nose or eyelashes? Haba!
End VAR, reform the referees, retrain the referees, punish all referees that have been kill-joys, change FIFA… We don’t even know what we want, just END VAR.

Pickford dived into Van Dijk with cutlass, knife, hammer,…

Chelsea 33 Premium
Chelsea are really confirming there’s so much to a name. First, we know what the brand Chelsea is associated with. Now, they have taken it to a new level with 3 on their jerseys. Who does a mixture of Chelsea and 33 Lager? You can only get drunken performances.

Second time this season they have served us chilled bottles of 33. At this stage, we are confused. Who are the shirt sponsors of Chelsea? 3 network or 33 Lager beer?
Liverpool also tried to woo Seven-Up just before the international break.
Back to Chelsea, Kepa Ariba…whatever cannot just stop drinking goals like it is 33, best £72m Athletic Bilbao will ever receive in their life. 600 years for the person that recommended him to Chelsea.

Better together

Pink Boys
Thank goodness, the Pink Boys will not be wearing their costumes of shame for the El Clasico next weekend. Or are not expected to wear it. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona were clad in their pink jerseys at the weekend, and they both produced pink performances.

Who ever suggested that men’s team should wear pink? So creepy. They chose to wear their ‘anko‘ on the same day and it was a party for both of them.

Pinky pinky

Super Maguire
Manchester Sixers captain Harry Maguire has become a favourite of the lunatic. For good reasons this weekend, he was commanding for Manchester United against Newcastle United. He scored a goal, he did not mark his own teammate, he did not get sent off and he did not try to beat a police officer.
We must however commend his smartness, knowing PSG are the next opponent, his muscles found a way to tear. He has escaped from Kylian Mbappe and Neymar dragging him from the Parc de Princes to the Greek prisons.

I Conte understand
A 39-year-old that just returned from isolation sank Antonio Conte and his Inter Milan team. After signing all the Young pensioners from the Premier League, Conte should be doing better at Inter Milan.
Who else does he need? Danny Drinkwater?
AC Milan are in good form but don’t have as much quality as Inter, and definitely not with a 39-year-old striker.

So, the UEFA Champions League group stages begin today, more football for the lunatic. For the London Thursdays, we will also help them to watch the Europa League, one of them decided to share in Chelsea’s 33 Lager beer at the weekend.

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