Thoughts of a Lunatic: VillaPool, Manchester Sixers, the transfer market and other talking points.

Hollup hollup, Manchester United and Liverpool fans, the lunatic has not forgotten you. He has just been busy in sizes and sevens. The transfer market got shut and some people are parteying, some got what they ‘can have ni’ but at the end of the day, the performances will justify the transfers. So many to get into on this edition of Thoughts of a Lunatic. Remember you have to be a lunatic too, to make sense of some of this things.

Manchester Sixers

It seems the red side of Manchester have some affinity to number six, it won’t be bad if the suffix – Sixers is added to their name. Six against Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham brings back memories of six against Manchester City – of the ‘Why always me’ fame. So, it has happened before, at Old Trafford. And for all those dramatics Patrice Evra was doing while analysing this present edition of the 6-1, he was there the last time out. However, to be fair, this present team looks far far far worse than the one that lost to City.

The Sixers.

And what is it with Harry Maguire and always marking his teammates? If he fights for his team like he fought in Greece, maybe Manchester United will be in a better place. He looks like a joke of a captain though.

For Anthony Martial, I feel sorry for him. Not that he shouldn’t have been sent off but he should have given Eric Lamela a stronger punch. I mean, if you are going to be sent-off for stupidity, let that stupidity be really worth it. At the end of the day, Lamela fell to the floor holding his face after a soft slap to the face, it wouldn’t have been worse off if Martial had broken his nose. The Lunatic is not supporting violence, just saying the reaction should be equal to the action.

On Favour over labour, favour is over, return to labour. Odion Ighalo, you don try.


Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2. A result one would have expected to be the other way round. 75 million pounds Virgil Van Dijk was in defence. How dare he?

Back from seventh heaven

Maybe seven against Villa is just to tell them to return from the seventh heaven of winning their first Premier League title. It was an embarrassment.

Parteying and anything we can have

Arsenal fans are in delirium (whatever this means, it just came to my head), they are celebrating the signing of Thomas Partey. You know at the Emirates, everything is worth celebrating, from unbeaten run, to Emirates Cup, to young manager, to new signings, to dribbles, just name it. We only hope that the music won’t change again soon.

While they are Parteying, Manchester United went from Jadon Sancho to signing Edison Cavani on a free. Cavani is quality and could come through. He could be a Zlatan or be a Falcao. If he is a Zlatan, good for them but if he is a Falcao, the Carraghers and the Keanes are waiting for them.

Oyinbo Super Eagles

On another lighter note, the Super Eagles play again this Friday. A friendly against Algeria. It is not about the match but the influx of foreign-born footballers in the team.

The lunatic just hope, we won’t be watching Nigeria vs Mexico one day and we won’t know who is who. As the lunatic once said, the shooting skills of Nigerian means we have Nigerians everywhere. There’s a Korean-Nigerian at Real Madrid. The National team is gradually becoming multi-national team.

So, I have to stop now, a SARS officer is demanding to search my lapt…

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