Thoughts of a Lunatic: 3SC in London, VARdy and other talking points from the weekend

It was that type of weekend when betting companies smiled to the bank, they always do most times to be sincere. Just three match days in the Premier League and stories don dey change. Those that boasted about strolling to the title don dey beg for top four already. This season go long. These are the talking points for the lunatic after last weekend’s action.

3SC London branch

Unlike what you thought, the Lunatic will be giving kudos to Chelsea. It is not easy to rep your sponsors. Unlike some ‘fly better’ people that rarely fly, since Chelsea started wearing that ‘three’ on their jersey, they have been repping ‘three’ very well. The likes of Five-Alive, Seven Up, 9 mobile etc should be thinking of doing business with Chelsea.

Still on Crystal Palace anex, sorry, Chelsea. They brought an old man to fix their defence, Thiago Silva. First Premier League start, man is already doing giveaway against West Brom. Oh God of Harry Kane, Danny Ings, Jamie Vardy and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, have mercy on Silva. So his silver won’t turn to wood. Deadwood.

Partey and Aouar FC

The way Arsenal fans are clamouring for Thomas Partey and Housein Aouar, you will think they are the Alpha and Omega of football. Poor Arsenal fans, Liverpool brought them back to earth. A 3-1 defeat at Anfield this season is better than 3-1 defeat at Anfield last season because their present manager can speak English and does not say ‘good ebening’.

It is Arsenal that have all sort of players. From having defenders that can not defend to having strikers that are more defensive than attacking. Alexander ‘Workrate’ Lacazette lived up to his billing by fluffing two one-on-ones. The Lamentations of Arsenal fans have begun. Spare a thought for them, they play Liverpool again on Thursday in the Carabao Cup.

Everyday for the Bayern, one day for the Hoffenheim

The Lunatic complained about Bayern’s dominance last week, as if Hoffenheim were listening, they smashed Bayern 4-1. Seeing how Dortmund decided to do a Dortmund by losing at Augsburg, Bayern winning the Bayern Cup otherwise known as the Bundesliga is a given.

Now that Hoffenheim have belled the cat, who will tame the cat?


A certain 33-year-old man called Jamie Vardy managed to take the shine off VAR as the starman of the weekend. Pep Guardiola has been spending millions to build a defense and it took only Vardy to tear them apart.

Kyle Walker, Benjamin Mendy and Eric Garcia gave away a penalty each as Leicester City put five past Manchester City at the Etihad. Six goals conceded in just two matches, Guardiola must need the defense budget of USA to build a proper defense.

In a weekend where attack (Dorathy) finished ahead of defense (Nengi) in the Big Brother Naija show, maybe attack is the best form of defense. But when you see how the winner (Laycon) was attached, attracted, magneted to defense, then maybe there is something about defense and winning. Am I making any sense? You probably have to be a lunatic too to understand. Shout out to all Icons by the way. The Lunatic will see you again in a jiffy, I’m gone.

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