The good, the bad, the ‘worgly’: Assessing Premier League Jerseys

The jerseys and their unveiling have become an important part of football business. For proper football clubs, the unveiling and income from sales of jerseys have become an important part of their businesses.

It was not usual for clubs to launch new jerseys every season until recently. Fans now look forward to how their jerseys will look like and many also rock the replicas. For some clubs and their fans, the beauty of their jerseys is as good as their season gets. That is the only trophy for them to celebrate. We take a look at some of the Premier League jerseys.

The good

Most of the designers continue to up the game in coming out with eye-popping designs that will force the fans to part with money for replicas.

Arsenal started their partnership with Adidas last season and it has been a good journey with some nice designs. Their three designs this season are nice, especially the third jersey, many Arsenal fans will rock it to parties.

Manchester City’s away jersey designed by Puma is a beauty as well, the blend of shades of blue and the patterns on the shirt was well done.

You have to pity Umbro, they have to do variations of the blue and claret jerseys for West Ham and Burnley every season. They were still able to pull-off a nice design for Burnley’s home kit while their efforts with West Ham is not bad either.

Nike also did a Yeo man job with Brighton’s home and away kits. The home jersey is particularly a beauty. The white collar on the blue shirt was apt, while the tiny white stripes added to the classiness of the jersey.

Liverpool’s journey with Nike has not started on a poor note. There was little chance of creativity with their all red jersey but Nike managed to pull out something nice with a white collar and a tiny blue trim.

The Bad

So, Crystal Palace’s red and blue was not particularly pleasing but it was none of Chelsea’s business. Chelsea then decided to go for a Crystal Palace shirt as their third jersey. It does not look nice neither was it well thought out.

Puma probably expect West Brom to go down immediately or what could have informed their jersey design? There was little or no effort. Just the normal black and white stripes with no ingenuity.

Manchester City’s third jersey looks like those ‘ready-made’ i-pass-my-neighbour cloths we used to wear while growing up or better still a material better suited as a curtain or a bedspread.

The worgly

For non-Nigerian readers, worgly is a fussion of ‘worwor’ and ugly. Worwor describes something that is terribly ugly.

The worgly belongs to Manchester United’s third jersey outright. They should have no competitors. Manchester United should actually sue Adidas, it is that bad. As stated earlier, Puma got tired of West Brom’s black and white stripes so Manchester United took the matter personal. They took the black and white into overdrive, you would have thought Tom Tom bought the club over.

While we agree that breaking fashion rules could be a fashion style but not by wearing stripes on stripes. Maybe a different short could have worked.

No matter how much they try to use the likes of DJ Cuppy and Burna boy to promote it, it remains a worgly jersey even if Buhari wears it.

Or maybe it was just in solidarity with Harry Maguire. Enough said.

Written by: Tomiwa Ojo

@10qmedia on Twitter

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